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Now you can buy our Award winning Calivirgin Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Bulk and save! 1 Gallon is equal to more than 7 of our regular 500ML bottles.
A unique unfiltered blend of estate grown, Arbequina and Koroneiki olives is cold-pressed within hours of harvest, which produces a fresh, aromatic, fruity flavor that is perfect for dipping but mild enough to use as a trans fat free culinary staple in your kitchen. COOC Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Club Price: $47.60

2014 Awards:

  • Gold Medal - New York International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
  • Gold Medal - Yolo County Fair Olive Oil Competition
  • Silver Medal - Napa Valley Fair Olive Oil Competition
  • Silver Medal - Central Coast Olive Oil Competition


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Club Price $47.60

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5 Stars

I have been using Calivirgin olive oil for years and naturally my consumption has reached the level of a gallon jug which is a better value compared to the glass bottle. Use this for absolutely everything!!

5 Stars
Best olive oil around hands down!

Beautiful fresh fruity....clean. Perfect.

5 Stars

I haven't bought olive oil from a single producer before. Now I won't go back. Amazing taste. Delighted with this and happy to support a small American producer. All good. Christmas presents all around!

5 Stars
Right for me.

It is just the best and ideal for cooking and salads. Thank you!!! Miss you at the Olive Festival in the fall in Paso!

4 Stars
More acid than 2014!

I fell in love with the lovely fruity low acid 2014 Calivirgin. This one (2015) that I just received is nice, but not nearly as full, round, and LOW acid as the 2014.

5 Stars
A tasting experience unlike any experienced by my son and I..

In Jan. of this year I was fortunate to see a 60 min. program on olive oil products which propelled me into an internet search for a genuine product. We ordered our first gallon in April and were humbled to be given the chance to savor the nuances of a quality olive oil. Like children we experienced our "first" taste of flavors we had only read about: fruity, grassy, does not allow. We have just received our second gallon and once again we remember how fortunate we are to obtain products from a company with experience and integrity. Thank you Calivirgin!

5 Stars
best olive oil period

The best mafia free oilve oil !

5 Stars

I use olive oil for cooking and for homemade salad dressing and CALVIRGIN OLIVE OIL IS the best. It has a peppery taste and is light on the tongue. It is not bitter, musky or heavy. It is my favorite and go to olive oil for Italian food.

5 Stars
Love. Love. Love.

Simply the best olive oil. Period. So amazing. Delicious. We've been using this for years and simply can't say enough good things about it.

4 Stars
Very Tasty Olive Oil

I came across Calivirgin olive oil while doing some research on oils. Having seen the 20/20 piece on Mafia Olive Oil from Italy and other regions. I decided to look locally for my oil. Calivirgin oil is very good, and smooth with some grassy notes, a tinge of honey along with a slightly peppery finish. I also like the ability to purchase the oil in gallon jugs saving me money. I buy my oil for its taste and health benefits, not for the pretty bottles it comes in. Great Job!