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Calivirgin Serrano Pepper Olive Oil - 250 ML

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Try it on your next shrimp dish or even over popcorn, it will add a unique spicy kick. Eccellente!

Key Features


    Calivirgin olive oils have consistently medaled in all of the national competitions making us one of the most awarded companies in the nation.


    Fresh Serrano peppers are crushed together with our olives to create this delicious olive oil. The resulting flavor is that of a fresh, unfiltered, premium olive oil that has a natural Serano pepper flavor (no additives or preservatives). Scoville Scale: Medium


    Our olive oils are naturally non-GMO. There are no varietals available in the world today (including ours!) that are produced using genetic engineering.


    Sustainable and organic farm practices help us get the most out of the ground and keep an already healthy product even healthier. See how here.


    Our olive oils are Cold-Pressed (or cold-extracted) which means the finished product is of superior quality, obtained from the first pressing, and without excessive heat. This ensures high fragrant aromas and flavors as well as many healthful qualities.


    Our olive oils are naturally gluten-free, since they are made from olives (and sometimes produce) and nothing else. In addition, we do not cross-contaminate any equipment during processing (just in case you were wondering).

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