*LIMITED EDITION* Olio Nuovo ("New Oil") Calivirgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 750ML


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This beautiful bottle is only available for a limited time. Makes the perfect gift for friends, family, co-workers, clients or even yourself!

Fresh and delicious, this is our brand new harvested and cold extracted oil bottled straight from our mill.  Calivirgin Olio Nuovo “New Oil” is complete with small amounts of solids because it has not been racked or filtered.  The young intense fresh fruit taste is what makes it so special.  For this reason it is best to consume quickly.  It is a normal occurrence that over time the sediments will separate and collect at the bottom of the bottle.  Enjoy this fresh raw delicacy as this is as good as extra virgin olive oil gets.

Now packaged in our Limited Edition & Custom Screened 750mL Glass Bottle (bigger bottle!). 


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5 Stars

I first discovered Calivirgin Olio at a cooking shop & school. The shop had a tasting of it's premium olive oils. The Calivigin was the olive oil i was hoping to find, and I've been addicted ever since. The Olio Nuovo takes the Calivigin's delicious premium olive oil to the next level. Grab it while it's available. 5 stars are not enough

5 Stars
Excellence in a botttle

So good, I could drink this. And cry when it's gone

5 Stars
The best Olive Oil on the planet

Calivirgin's Olio Nuovo has a quality of fresh olives and an aliveness coupled with a silky smooth texture that makes me want to drink it out of a glass. I wait for every November to buy this oil and buy enough to last me at least six months. Salad dressings, marinades and just drizzled over just about anything ads a dimension of flavor and health benefits that makes this oil a real prize.

5 Stars
So fresh and amazing!

I will continue to buy this oil, it's just amazing. The fresh mowed lawn smell is vary apparent.

5 Stars
simply the best

Coldani's Olio Nuevo is silky smooth with rich and complex flavors without being bitter. Amazing in any application from just a drizzle on steamed veg, to salad dressings to a dip. I use it for everything.

5 Stars
No Comparison!

I am a CaliVirgin addict...because of the high quality and incomparable taste! I have tried all types of olive oil from everywhere. Before I found this, I had it shipped to me from Italy. CaliVirgin olive oil is absolutely best in taste, clarity, richness, and value!!! Not to mention LOCAL...by some of the best folks around!

5 Stars
The Best!

I am in love with this olive oil and if I could give it more stars I would. Very fresh, tasty, and a wonderful shade of green. It can't be beat!

5 Stars
Finally found "Real" olive oil!

This is the best olive oil I have ever tasted! It's so good I just ordered another bottle. Highly recommended!

5 Stars
Heaven in a bottle

I was given my first bottle as a gift. I have purchased at least 20 bottles as gifts since. Fantastic floral notes...best domestic olive oil I have ever tasted. Don't pay high prices for stale oil - buy this and use it up!

5 Stars
Reminds me of Italy!

I never thought I would ever find an olive oil as good as the ones I had in Italy when I visited an olive farm in Tuscany. But I have, and it's made right in my hometown. This olive oil is strong, spicy and absolutely delicious!!